Courage to make a change

As most of you know, this past weekend was my first marathon of my racing year.  I stated in my post from yesterday that I learned a lot from this race and one of the thoughts that kept recirculating in my brain all day yesterday was courage.  Do I have the courage to make the necessary changes so that I can be 100% ready to perform on race day.  The more I was thinking about it with regards to myself, the more I started to think about what courage means to everyone else as well.

We all need courage!  The word courage can be swapped out with words such as bravery, boldness, fearlessness, mettle, fortitude or intrepidity.  Courage is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.  There is physical courage which is the courage to face physical pain, hardship, death or the threat of death…yes we all need courage and some of us more than others.

Courage is needed to make the necessary changes in ones life to make it (hopefully) better.  I talk to a ton of people on a daily basis who are struggling to lose weight.  One of the most common things I hear when they tell their story is that they are just “not ready” to do what it takes.  Simply put, they are scared to make the tough choices that need to be made to actually do what they know they need to do.  They don’t have the courage to exercise more because it may hurt or take them outside their comfort zone.  They don’t have the courage to start eating the right foods because they enjoy eating foods with relatively no nutritional value.  Maybe there are underlying reasons why they don’t have the courage.  They might have tried before and failed so gaining the strength to try again is challenging for them.  Life is too busy!  I don’t have time for me.  Well if you don’t have time for you, who does?

I know that I need the courage to make some changes.  I need the courage to change my training.  I am overtraining and this weekend was evidence of that!  I will say without any hesitation that I am absolutely, completely and truly disappointed in my marathon this weekend.  But, I have absolutely NO ONE to blame for the results other than myself.  I need to have the courage to know when to say, “enough is enough, I need to rest!”  It takes about 3 weeks for the human body to completely repair itself from the hardships of a marathon.  I ran the equivalent of 2 marathons back to back in 12 hours a little over two weeks ago and then ran the marathon this weekend.  I was merely kidding myself that I would be able to perform.  I need to have the courage to accept that I need to change my training and change it immediately or else I will never achieve my goals.  I know this!  I accept this!  I am fearful of this!  I have the courage, now I just need the willpower.  We all fear change, it is human nature.  Everyone is afraid of something and those that say they are not, I just found your fear!

Do you have the courage to make the change?



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