The Human Race

Read a great story online about a high school cross country runner from Minnesota who did a very remarkable thing.  One that I wonder how many of us would actually do.  He was through the first mile of a 2 mile race when behind him he heard a scream.  So, he did what came natural to him..he went back, grabbed the injured runner and CARRIED the runner back to the start/finish line.  Then proceeded to go run his 2 mile race.  Pretty damn selfless act if you ask me.  Seeing as how he had the potential to win the race (he was in the lead when he stopped and went back) what he did makes this even more remarkable.

As I read this story I sat back and wondered how many of us would do the same thing.  Not just when it comes to another injured runner, but in life.  Do we, will we go out of our way to help another person who really needs help?  Or do we just continue on because what we are doing is far more important than helping that “other” person out.  We all come face to face with daily opportunities to help our fellow human beings out.  Sometimes we take advantage of the opportunities and sometimes we don’t. 

The Human Race is a long one and along the way people are going to fall.  Sometimes they will get up on their own, sometimes they need a little help.


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