Rest and Recovery (About a week out for me now)

Ok, so everyone knows how much I “preach” about R & R after a big race or after a monumental effort of some sort.  I just feel the need to vent here a bit….even though I know that I NEED to rest and let my body recover, this is harder than actually training!!!  I have done a few Spin Classes this week and run a few miles (I think a grand total of 11 miles), almost no strength and I feel like I have been eating everything under the sun!  Everyone who knows anything about fitness and health touts the physical aspect of Rest and Recovery, but I think I need a shrink to help me get through the psychological aspects of this crap! 

This is where I think all the scientists, trainers and the “thinkers” miss the boat on the whole rest and recovery.  Everyone always talks about the physical repairs that need to be made!  The amount of damage that we do to our muscles, tendons, and ligaments running a marathon is huge.  I get that!    There has to be something to be said though about the mental side of the coin.  Mentally, I (and I am sure I am not the only one) am frustrated.  Anytime I have to come to a forced stop with my routine I get a little edgy.  Add to that I am coming off a bad race, a race in which I didn’t necessarily overtrain for, but I did run far too much leading up to the race and right now all I can think about is going out there and fixing what I know I screwed up.  I need to strengthen my left hamstring (huge problem here), I need to strengthen my right quad (I still don’t know why this bothered me but whatever, I will figure that out too).  I need to continue to work on my footstrike (more on this later on in a whole different post).   When in reality. the single best thing I can do to fix all those problems, is to just rest.  But I hate it!  I dread waking up in the morning knowing that for all intents and purposes I cannot run today. 

What about the rest of you?  Do you feel that same mental anguish after a big race when you are in your recovery period?  Do you get stressed out when you can’t do something that you love to do? 

Rest and Recovery….wish there was a way to rest my brain too!


4 thoughts on “Rest and Recovery (About a week out for me now)”

  1. I Agree resting is tough after a big race. Especially when the race doesn’t go the way you want to. I get angry, especially when you feel like you worked so hard and didn’t get the result you were expecting. You just want to go back out there and prove it was a fluke. For me, another problem I have with resting is also the fear of losing the conditioning that you have worked so hard to get. I know better but as I get older it gets harder to get back to that condition and that makes it harder for me to take a break.

    1. Well I am in a little slump with my training right now. I haven’t run a race for a while. Tommorrow I am running the Dash for Dad 5k in Minneapolis. I Was hoping they would have a 10k. I had set a goal of running a 10k in competition under 40 minutes sometime this year. Haven’t done that in competition yet. My major problem is that I work every other weekend. Most of the good 10k’s around here have landed on my work weekend. Oh well, I still have time it’s only mid-september!

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