The Hardest 11 Minutes….

So,  a couple of my personal training clients are extremely pressed for time these days…Kids and in general is just crazy right now.  So, I was asked if I could do provide workouts that would allow them to actually do the workouts and still get everything else in life completed!  Well, let me tell ya….coming up with short and sweet workouts is absolutely NO easy task however, I believe I have finally got one that should just about kick their asses and all in about 11 minutes!

So today I went over to the gym with a pad of paper and a pen.  Sat down and started writing…After I had written all the exercises I wanted to do, I got up and went through it at normal speed.  Taking my time, not rushing, taking notes on the notes I had already written.  20 exercises, full body workout with a little cardio…took me 16 minutes and 13 seconds.  Not too bad, but I didn’t really “feel” the burn.  The key with a shorter workout is that it needs to be fast.  Bang, bang, bang…no rest, no downtime, no water, just all out go!  So after I went through it the first time, I was comfortable with the exercises, now I just needed to bang it out.  11 minutes and 3 seconds on the 2nd go around!  Not too bad at all 🙂  I felt like I actually worked out and worked out pretty damn hard.

This got me thinking about all the gym rats and everyone else to tend to just plod through their workouts!  If you are going to workout, why the hell are you on the phone, or watching TV, or talking to your friends…when it’s time to workout it’s time to workout.  I believe that with the right intensity, anything can be a challenge.  I guarantee that I can make you sweat watching the grass grow!  Intensity is the absolute must have key ingredient.  INTENSITY…just saying it makes me want to bust out a hundred push-ups!  Just because you may have 2 hours for a workout doesn’t mean you need to actually use 2 hours.  After I got done with my 2 quickie workouts this afternoon I went over to the main part of the gym and I just watched.  I watched people stroll from one piece of equipment to the next (which bothers me anyways as I am NOT a huge believer in using weights to begin with…unless you are trying to build a shit ton of muscle, weights are really not needed) and just seemingly making their gym time a social opportunity.  If you want to be social, fine be social, but don’t complain that your not losing the weight you want or your not getting in any better cardiovascular shape.  When your at work, actually working, I am sure that you are putting your effort into working.  Taking care of the kids, same deal.  So why then do a lot of us equate working out with being social.  No offense, but when I go to workout, I don’t want to talk to anyone, I don’t want to know about how your job sucks, or that last night you ran out of milk and had to make a midnight run to the grocery store.  I am there to workout and sweat and kick my ass for however long I have allotted my time to workout for.  I guess what I am trying to say here is that it is not the amount that you workout that counts, it is the amount of effort and INTENSITY that you put into your workouts that really count.  Whether that is for an hour, two hours or 11 minutes.


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