Food Myth #2 – Eating Carbs is bad for you…

I hear it all the time, carbs will just make me fat!  This is actually a very accurate statement however, my general response is that everything can potentially make you fat or gain excess weight.  Pure and simple, carbohydrates provide your body with the fuel it needs to conduct physical activity and proper organ function.  There are some carbs that are better than others but make no mistake, carbs are an important part of everyone’s daily nutrition.

So what are the best sources of carbs…anything made with Whole Grains, vegetables, fruits and beans.  The not so good sources of carbs…WHITE BREAD, white rice, pastries, sugared sodas and other highly processed foods.

As I stated above the single greatest benefit of eating your carbs is that you allow your body to get some easily-obtained energy.  This energy is in the form of glucose.  When we eat carbohydrate dense foods, our bodies begin breaking these foods down immediately into simple sugars and eventually glucose.  The glucose is then distributed throughout your body through the walls of the intestine and into the bloodstream.  The glucose is then either put to use immediately or stored as glycogen for later use.  The key here is that your body can only handle so much glycogen…about an hours worth for most people.

So where did this whole myth of eating too many carbs leads to weight gain come into play…Sometimes, if you eat too many high GI carbs (Potato’s, Gatorade, most breads including whole wheat, white rice and pasta just to name a few) this will lead to an insulin spike and create cravings for just about anything else you can get your hands (and mouth) on.

Simply put, eating good carbs is a great source of energy that will help your body in so many different ways (including brain function by the way).  Simply removing them from your daily nutritional requirements and then attempting to have the energy to perform consistent physical activity will lead to failure.  Most people will then drop what the hard part is…ie, the exercise and just try to eat more to give them more energy and the cycle continues like this until we now become overweight.  The key is to eat the right kinds of carbs and stay active every single day.

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