Reality check

Tonight after my Spinning class (which was SUPER fantastic in my opinion) I stopped at the gas station to get some gas..When I went in to pay I forgot that I needed to get some coffee for the morning and I saw a larger gentleman standing in one of the aisles crying/weeping…me being a curious person by nature, kind of just muddled around trying to figure out what he was “weeping” about.  Finally, I walked down the aisle he was in (junk food aisle by the way) and I just had to ask if everything was “ok”….he looked at me…still in my workout clothes absolutely covered in sweat and probably not smelling so hot and said that he was just diagnosed with Type II diabetes and he has to lose weight, improve his diet and get healthier or his doctor told him he would die.  He went on to say that he had been standing looking at all the junk food and wondering why he didn’t listen to his doctor years earlier when he was told that he needed to lose weight and get in shape…or else.  He told me that he never thought anything would happen to him.  He knew he was obese but he didn’t really care because he was still “young”….now he has no idea what to do or where to go.  I gave him some empathy and told him that everything happens for a reason and that maybe this was a sign to start doing the right things now to prevent something even worse from happening in the future.  He said what could be worse than not being able to eat his 10 snickers bars a day…TEN….wow…anyways, I said death would be far worse than not eating your candy bars.  I offered him some advice and told him I could help him if he wanted.  I wrote down my information for him and then left.  Who knows if he will ever contact me again.

But it got me thinking about the state of our society as a whole.  Why are some people willing to make the necessary changes before something happens and some people not be willing.  The signs are everywhere but yet so many people (especially down here in the deep south) choose to just live their lives like nothing will ever happen to them.  Some try without success and eventually give up, some never try.  There is such a fine line between success and failure.  Often times I wonder if everything I have done in the past to get myself to where I am at physically is worth it.  I so desperately want to help so many people lead healthier lives.  Some people get it, and take the steps necessary.  Unfortunately, some people either don’t ever get it, or get it after something like diabetes or high blood pressure or a heart attack happens.

Tonight, I looked into the eyes of a man who to a point now gets it….what he chooses to do from here, well I guess that is his choice.


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