“Canned” Workouts

We have all seen them…advertised on TV, the internet, magazines and newspapers…workouts that you spend a LOAD of money for, all of which are guaranteeing results and depicting men and women with absolutely SUPERIOR looking bodies….Hey, in 90 days you to can look like this!  Really?  Well I guess I should just go out there and buy that there DVD and get started!  Only to fail, well I did something wrong, lets do it again…oops, not this time either!

Insanity and P90X are the two big ones right now…but lets not forget about all the others….

Jillian Michaels and her ability to get your RIPPED in 30 days

3,000 different Yoga video’s

Personal Training with Jackie:  Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs (how can it be PERSONAL if this person will never meet you)

Body by Bethany

And there are literally hundreds more…..So, what are the overriding problems with all of these workout video’s….

First of all, they don’t know who the hell you are!  There is no “personal” training going on here at all!  How do they know you are going to get ripped in 30 days?  It is marketing and advertising.  The makers of these workouts and DVD’s know that you are more than likely going to not succeed.  If you really and truly want to succeed with these programs you need to follow them to the letter!  Trust me, I know from experience.  I did P90X TWICE and I followed it to the letter!  Every single day, 6 days a week for sometimes 90 minutes a day…oh, and you have to follow the “diet” they provide you which in all honesty is a bunch of bullshit.  There is NO WAY any company who produces a DVD knows what you need to eat.  Did I get results, absolutely, but you can ask my family from way back when and they will tell you that I had to basically “dedicate my life, (at least for the 90 days) to a stupid video.  It worked to an extent, but I was absolutely DEDICATED to it.

Don’t even get me started on Insanity!  This beast of a workout is designed for someone who is for the most part already IN shape and yet every single day I see and talk to people who spent good money on a program that will fail them.  I started insanity and I quit!  It was bogus.  Could I do it, yes…but I only started it so I could see what people are doing from the beginning and if I had started with Insanity and I wasn’t already in shape….good Lord!  Most people don’t have the time to dedicate to following the program and follow the program you MUST to achieve any benefit out of it.  I swear sometimes, people go on these “workouts” because of the name.

It if very frustrating to watch!  I am hesitant to even mention the numbers of injuries that these workouts cause!!  As a group fitness instructor, I will tell you without question that there is room for group fitness for everyone.  But, group fitness will never get you to where you actually want and or need to be.  There has to be more!  There needs to be more!

As a personal trainer, the one question that I get asked the most is “how much weight will I lose if I sign up with you?”  Hell if I know, all I know is that with individualized training, you have a significantly and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY greater chance of success than following a DVD.  I tell this to my Spinning Class all the time.  You have do more than just come to my class two or three days a week.  It is the same with all of these exercise video’s.  You can’t just do these and expect results.  It is very rarely going to happen and even when it does, the minute you come off whatever program you are on, you gain most if not all if not MORE weight back on.  Then I get told that the only reason that I don’t like these “workouts” is that it takes away from my business.  Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.  You can only fail so many times before you either give up completely or realize that you need something more.  My goal as a trainer is to change your life, not the next 90 days.  An exercise videos goal is to hook you into buying their product and then buying more of their product when the next best thing comes along.  They completely miss the boat altogether on the nutritional aspect of everything as well.  Who are you going to talk to when you are having a bad day…Shaun T…Tony Horton…I am pretty confident they are not going to be at your beck and call when you run into a problem.

In the end, losing weight and getting into shape is an individual process that takes a long time to accomplish.  Any video that sells itself like most of them do, are not looking out for you.  It is all about the money, not the success.



2 thoughts on ““Canned” Workouts”

  1. I realize that not everyone wants to workout from home and prefers the social setting of the gym, but at the same time, I realize that most people can’t afford to pay us as trainers- THAT’S where the appeal comes in for these at-home fitness programs. I’ve completed 8 rounds of the Beachbody programs (my results don’t lie, neither do my husbands, my brothers, or the other 6 dozen customers I help weekly with their programs. I didn’t lose 73 pounds and 7 dress sizes by magic. I’m not able to now do 16 unassisted pullups, and 260 pushups on my toes by magic) and will always stick with them. There’s a reason they work- Beachbody deals with the whole triad for success- challenging fitness programs (and that’s not to say the beginner starts out with Insanity. Having done the workout twice myself and now onto 2 round of Asylum, I would NEVER recommend that to someone who’s starting out. I know there’s no way I would’ve been able to complete such an intense workout without having done P90X and running during the week), nutrition and the best meal replacement supplement on the market, and 24/7 peer support. My customers (both my PFT ones and my Beachbody) KNOW they can contact me 24/7, whether they have a question about an exercise, meal ideas– whatever. I am HERE for them. My job is to help lead them in the right direction to find a workout program that deals with their own interests, physical capabilities, and goals in mind. I don’t just set them free to just buy whatever they want and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.
    I always loved the fact that I can have “personal training” right from my own living room without getting in my car, waiting in traffic, making sure I have the equipment I need at the gym, waiting in line for my machines, sharing equiptment with other people… it makes SENSE to only pay $1.33 per day to have Shaun or Tony in my living room 6 days a week, verses $45 a day with a personal trainer (or Rep Counter or Pin Pusher) at the gym. Beachbody is accessible, much unlike all other at-home fitness DVDs. P90X Nutrition Guide taught me about true clean eating and what my body needed for fuel, not just “reaching my calories,” and the sequel, P90X2 goes even more beyond clean eating to offer 27 *different* eating plans in ONE nutrition book- so whether you’re Paleo, Gluten-free, Low-carb, Low-glycemic, Vegan, Vegetarian, dairy-free, it’s ALL right there.
    I respect and appreciate your opinions, but please don’t undermine what I, and 70,000 other Beachbody Fitness Coaches do. I think we ought to focus on the fact that people are taking the opportunity and making the time to change their lives- no matter HOW they do it.

  2. I appreciate your comment and I am here to say that you and the people that you mention are obviously extremely devoted and dedicate to the Beachbody program, or you wouldn’t be a Team Beachbody Fitness Coach. In addition you are a very self motivated person. Which is fantastic, not everyone is or even can be as self motivated as you are. A couple points of interest…None of my clients have to get into a car and drive to a gym, none of them have wait in lines for a machine or share equipement with others. In fact, I cannot think of even one reason why anyone would have to do that. They in fact “DO” have personal training right in their living rooms. NONE of my clients spend $45 a day with any personal trainer..let alone me.
    If what I wrote felt like I “undermined” you and your fellow Team Beachbody Fitness Coaches, that was absolutely not my intent. I just happen to feel strongly that there are other and in some cases more practical ways of achieving results. I agree that the sole focus should be on helping everyone to change their lives for the better in any way is a great thing. I agree with the vast majority of what you stated in your arguement back to me, except for one thing. It DOES matter how they do it! More so than anything else, it matters.

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