The Boston Red Sox

The humiliation of being a Boston Red Sox reached its pinnacle last night…The catostrophic collapse of one of baseballs most premier teams is one for the ages!  Gone is the magic, gone is the glory!  All we as fans are left with is heartache and knowledge that if something is not changed within that organization, this will be a repeating story for years to come.

Simply put, the Red Sox collapsed.  On Aug 31st the Red Sox has a 1.5 game lead over the Yankee’s in the AL Easy.  Almost one month later, they didn’t even make the playoff’s.  On August 31st, the Red Sox had a 99.4% chance of making the playoffs according to andthose scrappy Tampa Bay Rays had a 1.7% chance.  Amazing how fast things can fall apart.

Simply put, the Red Sox couldn’t pitch, couldn’t hit, couldn’t field and no matter what happened, nothing went right.  Changes need to be made…..

A complete pitching overhaul!  Buy out John Lackey’s contract and send him to some other club to screw up they’re rotation.  Tim Wakefield, love the guy, but he is finished.  Jonathon Papelbon…time for a new home, you can’t close the big games anymore!  Ortiz and Varitek…again love you both but you need to go find a new home.  Ortiz is just no longer the clutch hitter he once was and Varitek just needs to retire.  I also think there needs to be some discussion about the manager.  As much I respect and admire Terry Francona, it might be time to move on. 

Either way, October just won’t be the same this year with the Sox gone and the Rays in!  If changes are not made, this will be a repeating story for seasons to come.


2 thoughts on “The Boston Red Sox”

  1. I agree with you more. The utter humilation of losing a 9 game wild card lead and losing two crucial games to the awful, triple “A” Orioles team, was a HUGE disappointment. I don’t blame Tito for leaving and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Theo go the Cubs and shortly there after Tito joining him. Why not leave? Did you watch the press conference Larry and Mr. Turner turned in. Great inspiration for management…There is always next year! Oh, ya that was said before!

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