My “Run” through September

Well, what is there to really say about the month that was….Quite a bit I guess when I come to think about it.  I always like to take a couple of days to really figure out my month before I write about it or even make any decisions about it.  In a nutshell September was just a flat out weird month.  Looking back I was either Racing, Recovering or Tapering…Weird.  I really had no real “good” runs.  Everything was just a bit off for the most part.  81 of the 128 miles I ran were in races and the other 47 were basically garbage miles.  No significant point to them at all other than keeping the legs loose.  Got through my strength workouts relatively well but again, nothing to really brag about.

I think now that we have moved into October things should start to normalize out.  I have 2 Half Marathons coming up and I raced in my first 5K in a while last night.  Got out this morning and really had a pretty good Tempo run which I was happy about.  My legs are really starting to be less tired on every run and knowing that I really need to put in some time and effort on speed work this is a great thing.

I would like to get back into the 150 mile range for the month of October and I am pretty sure that I have a pretty good plan to get back to my more normal monthly mileage.  We shall see how it all pans out.


One thought on “My “Run” through September”

  1. Suck it up and head to Hartford, October 15th..i look forward to running w/u. I need to finish by 1:45..Last year I came in 1:57 so I know I can get to 1:45..

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