Getting my legs back and the iPhone 4S

I feel like over the past several weeks every time I am out running my legs have felt like they had lead balloons attached to them.  It has honestly felt like I totally forgot how to run 😦  I cannot begin to express how great they are feeling right now….just hoping the feeling last through the next couple of weekends :).

Beginning to taper the running back down now for the half this Sunday out in Louisiana….should be a fun race.  This is the same organizer that puts on the half marathon here in Pensacola Beach in April and I have been looking to do the 2nd have of this race out in LA for the last couple of years now.  Weather is looking pretty good so it should work out nicely.

Today was the big announcement from Apple on the release of their new phone…while some in the Apple world find today’s announcement “not so cool” I found it quite nice.  I am seriously debating getting back into the Smart Phone world and seeing as how I have an upgrade coming soon (November 5th) it might be time to get into the iPhone.  I have the iPad 2 which is fantastic and a few people I work with have both and they say that each one on their own is great, but together, it is an amazing experience….Still not quite sure yet, but definitely leaning towards the new iPhone…..that 8MP camera sure is enticing 🙂

Thats about it for now….until next time 🙂

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