Running Shoes

Let’s talk running shoes shall we.  When I was out on my morning run this morning for whatever reason I was thinking a lot about running shoes.  Probably because I am so desperately wanting the new Brooks Pure Project running shoes…Look at those things…they just say bad ass all over them!  Anyways, I was thinking about running shoes and the questions I get from time to time about when it is time to get a new pair…how do you know when it is time…how many miles do you run in a pair of shoes?  All of these questions and really none are simple to answer.

How long you keep a pair of shoes really depends on their use.  It depends on your running style and your gait.  Once you start feeling extremely uncomfortable in your shoes, or your toes start to bleed or you are developing blisters it might be time to get a new pair.  Are you beating your shoes into the ground every run?  Are you taking care of them properly?  I currently have 6 pair of running shoes in my active rotation.  I rotate through all of them as they all provide a slightly different type of running.  Certain shoes I use more for speedwork and others I use more for distance running.  I track my mileage on my shoes as well as the cost and then break down the Cost per Mile.  Often times, cost can be a bit misleading in that you might get a really great deal on a very expensive pair of shoes.  So your cost per mile will be off.  But for the most part, I will wear my shoes until they hit at least 500 miles or my cost per mile is down in the low teens….

Here my active shoes right now:

Mizuna Wave Precision II – 500 Miles on them.  I love these shoes.  I wore them for every single race last season.  It is my hope that these shoes never get to the point that I can no longer wear them, but I know one of these days I will have to retire them.  I am thinking I will get another 200 to 300 miles out of them.

Zoot Tempo 2.0 – 394 Miles on them.  I bought these shoes for half price two years ago for my Sprint Tri-athalon and they are still going strong.  They are starting to “fall apart” a bit but nothing to bad.  I am hoping to get another 100 or so miles out of them.  I wear these shoes a lot when it is raining or has recently rained as the holes in them really help, they are designed to be and get wet.

Saucony Mirage – 239 Miles on them.  I used these shoes for a lot of my training this summer.  Got them at a huge discount and really love how they feel.  I recently wore them for my first marathon of the year up in Ohio.  They have taken a beating but they are still going strong.  I am thinking 250 to 300 more miles on these tops.

Brooks Defyance 4’s – 120 Miles on them.  Essentially these are just babies in my closet.  I did my 12 hour run in these and they seem to be a great shoe.  A bit on the heavy side but they are good for almost any type of running including some short trail running.

Newton Distance – 37 Miles on them.  Starting to run in these more.  These shoes are designed to get me running more on the balls of my feet rather than being a heel striker.  It is going to take some time to get used to them but I am getting closer and closer.  I am debating on trying them out on the half this weekend…we shall see.

Nike Lunaracer’s – 29 Miles on them.  These are my track shoes and notice the low mileage…pretty good indication that I am not hitting the track like I need to be.  They are incredibly light weight and airy. 

Every shoe has its quirks and every shoe will fit you differently.  If you want to extend the life of your running shoes, do your feet a favor and get custom fitted.  It is the best way to know that the shoes you are running in are the best for your feet.

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