Unique Perspective

As some of you know, I do more than just run and workout 🙂  I also absolutely LOVE photography!  I was scrolling through some old photographs this morning that I have taken over the years and I came across a series of photo’s that I took last spring and I never did anything with.  I was in my “experimenting” mode apparently on this day.  The following 2 photographs I pulled from a series I took on this morning.  I like to do “weird” or “different” things with my camera.  I am not an artist, I can’t draw or paint or sculpt…but I do have a pretty nice camera and an imagination.  Now what I have done is by no means a brand new concept.  What I like about photography, is that when I am out there with the camera, it is just me and my feelings at the time, my emotions, my thoughts and what I want to express.  I don’t worry about what others might say about the picture or pictures.  The following two photographs are of the same flower in the same setting…just with a slightly different technique.  I love to experiment 🙂  Enjoy


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