Amazing what a couple weeks will do….

A couple weeks ago, one of the clients that I train was pretty down in the dumps about her training.  She didn’t feel she was losing weight quick enough and this was upsetting her to a certain point.  You see every two weeks, my clients all have to do a fitness test that tests them in 5 different areas of muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.  Well, the test two weeks ago was disappointing for her.  A little pep talk from her trainer and her realization that she is in control of what she does and how she does and amazing two weeks later she had the one of the largest percentages of weight loss and body fat that I have had with any of my clients.  I could not be more proud of her for picking herself up and using that as motivation to even better over these past two weeks.

This just goes to prove what I have been talking about for so long now.  Weight loss and body fat reduction are hard.  It does not come easy and it does not come overnight.  As all of my clients know, I don’t promote any type of “rapid” weight loss solution.  My methods are slow, often times painfully slow, but they produce results over the long haul.  Every single one of us who has been overweight in our pasts knows that we didn’t put the weight on overnight.  It was a gradual process that took years in some cases.  Weight loss and body fat reduction is no different.  It takes time…it takes patience…it takes perseverance….and when you combine all three of those things together you will eventually get to success and achieve the goals that you desire to achieve.

I just wanted to say publicly how proud I am of not only the one client I talk about in this post, but every single one of my clients who has made the decision to change their lives and make improvements.  You are ALL doing an amazing job and I am extremely proud of each and every single one of you.  I know it takes time and I know it takes time away from doing other things that are also important, but we all only have one body and if we neglect it for too long, we will no longer have any time to do all those things that we desire to do.

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