This is not a good sign!

Tomorrow is my first half marathon of my racing season and it is a half marathon that I have been eager to run for quite some time now.  The good news is that the race is tomorrow…the bad news is that I feel sick as a dog!  I woke up yesterday morning feeling “cruddy”….woke up this morning feeling worse than cruddy.  Sore throat, stuffy nose, ears are plugged, head hurts, coughing up green stuff…but I desperately want to run this race tomorrow.  I can just “run” it to run it and not worry about my time…which is fine I guess.  I just don’t like this feeling because I very very rarely if ever get sick!  I am going to go ahead and pop my “get rid of the crud” pills now and see how I feel in a few hours before I make any decisions at all.  I am thinking though that I am still going to run it and then just come home and sleep!


2 thoughts on “This is not a good sign!”

  1. I hope u are feeling better. I ran my 13.5 miles today. My left calf is a little sore but all is good and I primed for Hartford..see u next week

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