Gulf Coast Half Marathon

So today I was out in Mandeville, Louisiana to run the Gulf Coast Half Marathon.  I wanted to run this race last year however I was unable to fit it into the schedule so I made sure I got it in this year.  I heard it was a great course and had fantastic hospitality.  Everyone who told me about this race was spot on.  It was a great track and the people were amazing.  So let us talk about the race shall we 🙂

Race time started at 7 AM and the temp was a nice and cool 65 degrees.  There was a pretty good wind coming out of the Northwest but not anything unmanageable….I started running in North Dakota where wind is a given not unexpected.  First few miles were pretty good…went out nice and easy and figured I would work to just maintain 7:10 to 7:20 paces for the first few miles.  I was able to do that but unfortunately this day, that was all I really had.  I pretty much just bounced back and forth in the 7:10’s for most of the race.  A couple of miles were in the 7:20’s and I had a few miles right at the 7:00 minute mark.

I was happy to have just been able to run the race so I wasn’t disappointed at all.  The legs felt good and strong, had a bit of trouble with my breathing in the middle parts of the race but that was to be expected with my little cold.

Finished 47th overall out of 1,149 total Half Marathoners and came in 9th in my Age group out of 89.  Congratulations to ALL the runners who went out there today and ran a great race, some in fact I am sure who ran the race of their lives.


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