How I love the Morning

I forgot recently how much I absolutely and truly love working out in the morning!  It really just sets up your day with a high that I just can’t come down from.  I had a fantastic workout this morning.  Got in 2 miles of decent speed work, 3 miles on the Elliptical, 2100 meters on the rower and then a nice easy 2 mile cool down run.  In between the rower and the last run I got 30 minutes of solid strength training in.  Lots of exercises and lots of reps, covered in sweat but truly feeling like I accomplished something today for the first time in a while…and the best part….I was done by 7:30 AM!  Hello rest of my day 🙂

I have gotten away from the early morning workouts for the the last month or so I would say.  Probably has something to do with my races and other events.  This week I have made that decision to get back out there again and hit it before the sun comes up.  Planning on a quick 4 tomorrow morning and then probably and easy 6 or 7 on Thursday morning then other than my Spin class Friday morning, time to rest up.

Have a great night everyone!  I need to get to bed….gotta be up early 🙂


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