Can a picture be worth a thousand words?

I think at times as a photographer we all go through “moods” that we tend to express in our photography.  As I was again going through some older photographs that I took a while ago, I came across a set that I took last April early in the morning on a an absolutely perfect foggy morning down here on the coast.  Normally, my photography tends to be generally bright, sharp, crisp as I like to create a mood of general happiness in my photo’s.  These 4 photographs that I am about to share, definitely do not fit into that mold.  There is a darker “feel” to them in my opinion….what do you think?  These photo’s were taken without a tripod with a higher speed film setting (800) and a shutter speed of 1/25th at F5.6.  Would love to know what everyone thinks when they see these photo’s.  Do you feel peaceful?  Cold?  Isolated?  Either way, I hope you enjoy looking at them.

4 thoughts on “Can a picture be worth a thousand words?”

  1. It definitely creates a mood! Fog always leaves me in a pensive, reflective mood – I love that you captured the reflectivity of the posts on the water. These are gorgeous. I do “enjoy looking at them” 😉

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