Pumpkin Run 5K Race Report

This morning was the 27th Annual Sacred Heart Pumpkin 5K Run/Walk.  What a great morning for a race.  Sun was shining, temperatures were on the chilly side but not all that bad and there was a lot of energy.  There were a total of 775 runners running the race today with at least another 500 or so walking the race.  I love running this race for a lot of reasons.  One it is nice to see that the money spent on the race stays local to the community for a good cause and two…the absolutely fantastic pumpkin bread!  (And it is all you can eat after you finish).

As for the race itself, I felt that it went well.  Got out to a really quick start and this generally goes against what I normally do.  I like to hold back just a little bit but I knew in this race that there are two pretty decent hills.  The first one comes in right after the first mile marker, it is not all that steep, just long.  The 2nd hill comes in right after the two mile marker, it is short, but it is steep!  It is also one of those hills that you run up, hit flat ground and then up again another little short bump.  So I knew going in that I needed to really make my times in the first 2 miles and then just hold on for dear life at the end.  Hit mile 1 at 6:04 which is pretty fast for me, but I was enjoying the pace oddly enough.  Mile 2 was complete at 12:01 total and my 2nd mile was run at a 5:57 per mile pace.  Mile 3 was where I started to falter a little.  That 2nd hill is partly to blame but in all honesty, my legs were winded.  I simply just do not train to run this fast.  Anyways, I hit the mile 3 marker at 19:48 (yup, slowed down quite a bit to a 7:47 pace in that 3rd mile) and came across the line at 20:17.  Which was good enough for 18th place overall and 3rd in my age group.

This is an exciting race not because the course is a challenge (which it is) but also because there are a ton of kids, and parents and grandparents out there running and walking.  Ya, there is some competition of course but really the whole point of todays race is have some fun and to eat some pumpkin bread.

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