Pacing Run Completed

Ok, well to make a long story short…I am close but by no means am I there yet.  I taped a little piece of paper over my Garmin so that I wouldn’t look at it and just went off of feel.  I am pretty good at knowing my paces, but apparently I am not so good at determining this pace.  Ended up running only 9 miles as my watch was about to die (remember to charge next time) but I got a decent indication of what I need to work on.  Total miles:  9  Total time:  1:25:39  Pace:  9:31  About 13 seconds to fast overall per mile.  Need to slow this down some.  That all being said, I will have my watch with me and actually be able to look at it next weekend so I am more confident now than I was a few hours ago.  Here are my splits…

Mile 1 – 9:40

Mile 2 – 9:35

Mile 3 – 9:29

Mile 4 – 9:26

Mile 5 – 9:24

Mile 6 – 9:35

Mile 7 – 9:21

Mile 8 – 9:44 ***BINGO***

Mile 9 – 9:24

It was super windy so that really didn’t help judge the paces well but all in all I am happy.  Going to go out again tomorrow and run the same 9 miles and see if I can make it a little more accurate 🙂


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