Is it time for Dessert yet?

We have all been there before.  We just got done eating a great meal, whether that is in a restaurant or at home and we feel completely full.  However, that lingering sweet tooth in us all is drawing us in.  Pulling us to partake of one of life’s little treasures…dessert!  As we are approaching the holiday season and the desserts are a plenty, I wanted to find out just which desserts are the absolute worst for us to eat and just how far we would have to run to burn that little edible creation off!

Here we go…..

Topping off the list and probably one of the single worst desserts out there…

#1 Cheescake.  Oh ya, one of my absolute favorites.  Cream Cheese, sugar and eggs!  Add some delightful toppings and some whipped cream and you are in cheesecake heaven.  This little ditty though is going to set you back anywhere from 300 to 500 calories and about 30 grams of fat.  To put this into perspective I am going to use a famous landmark that most of us should be able to visualize.  If you want to eat up on this ONE slice of cheesecake to burn it off, you would need to run the length of the Golden Gate bridge..not once, not twice but THREE times.  BTW…just as a reference the length of the Golden Gate Bridge from approach to approach is 1.7 miles!  There are enough calories in a slice of cheesecake to power a 60 watt lightbulb for one hour!  Time to dig in right 🙂

#2 Another of my favorites (especially down here in sunny Florida) Key Lime Pie.  450 Calories and 13 grams of fat.  You won’t have to run quite as far on the bridge as the cheesecake but you will still be making a nice round trip back and forth and then back to the middle again!

We have a real winner here…

#3 Fudge Brownie Sundae!  Who can’t resist a nice warm brownie drizzled in hot fudge with some super delicious ice cream plopped on for good measure!  1,150 calories is the going rate on this monstrosity with 47 grams of fat!  This equates to about half of your daily requirements for both calories and fat.  Get ready to start running because after you eat this one, you are going to need to traverse that bridge 7 times!  Nice.

#4 Who can’t resist a good milkshake!  We all grew up on them (at least I did).  1 CUP of milkshake is 316 calories and 11 grams of fat.  But seriously, who can drink just one cup of milkshake.  To give you an idea a typical milkshake is between 3 and 4 cups worth.  That is 3 round trips on that there Golden Gate Bridge.

#5 Red Velvet Cake. Mmmmmmmmmm, I can taste it already.  But at 580 calories and 29 grams of fat, I am going to have to pass!  3 Trips across the bridge please 🙂

#6 Carrot Cake.  The carrots in this piece of heaven is nothing more than a byproduct of the fabulous cream cheese frosting!  326 calories and 16 grams of fat leads me to believe that I can live with out this and no you cannot count this as a serving of vegetables.  Good news is that you only need to run the bridge round trip one time!

#7 Tiramisu.  If you have never had a this little slice of heaven, pat yourself on the back because you saved yourself 600 extra calories and 45 grams of fat.  2.5 round trips please, and make it snappy we have one more delectable to discuss!

#8 The granddaddy of all desserts, the stable at Mom’s for Thanksgiving, Christmas and just about any other time.  a big beautiful slice of Apple Pie ala mode!  One nice slice of this little piece of tradition will set you back 1,056 calories and 56 grams of fat!  You might need a new pair of running shoes after this one!

So that is my list of top dessert nightmares!  Are there others out there, oh my yes.  I am not going to sit here and preach that you need to completely avoid desserts forever.  That is impractical and not realistic.  What I am asking though is that as we progress forward through the holiday’s, focus on attempting to limit the amount of garbage calories that we eat that simply just not worth it.


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