The Frailty of Life

This weekend was one of those weekends that really caused me to stop and think about things.  On Friday night (late) I received an email from my wife telling me about our dryer that almost caught on fire.  The entire laundry room was full of thick smoke and it had not yet made it to the nearest fire detector.  Talk about scary.  I couldn’t care less about the house, my concern was the fact that had our crazy cat not been playing with a stupid plastic bad, Tanya might not have even smelled the smoke and gone to investigate.  She did an amazing job figuring everything out and securing power to the washer and the dryer and preventing a house fire that most assuredly could have spread throughout and potentially killed my family.

Then last night, I get a call from Tanya saying she is taking one of my sons (Kameron) to the walk in because of a problem on his elbow.  3 and half hours later the only thing we ended up finding out is that he might have a staff infection but we won’t know until Tuesday.  The poor kid was poked and prodded all night so that the Dr could attempt to figure out what was wrong.  When I talked to him last night, he was so sad.  On top of that, Tanya having to deal with seeing her little boy in pain is no joy either.

So, it goes without saying that often times we are all so busy working or doing what ever it is we are doing that we don’t take the time stand back and appreciate every day for what it is.  A blessing!  We are all blessed to have people we love and who love us back.  Cars, houses, computers, cell phones, ect..are all “things” that help us to live and help make our lives simpler to a point.  But when it comes right down to it, what is the most important part of life?  For me, it is my family and nothing can or will ever replace them.

Here is the little guy with his Charlie Brown cast!

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