Back from a nice long weekend at home

Good morning everyone!  I am back down here again in Florida attempting to get back into the swing of things but not working out so well.  Traveling yesterday just seemed to take a lot out of me.  Very long and very tiring!  On top of that I felt like crap leaving my family…again.  We did get a lot done this weekend including a couple days of hunting with the kids so that was great.  This was the first year I let the two oldest boys actually get out of the truck and do some walking and they absolutely loved it.  I so miss the weather up there already.  I love the fall and I love the crisp cool mornings that often times we just don’t get down here all the time. 

My plan yesterday was to get on the internet on my flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta and start returning everyone’s emails but internet was down on the plane so thankfully I just rented a movie on Itunes so I watched Captain America instead.  Not a bad movie, kind of just a “fun” movie to watch and this coming from a guy who doesn’t watch a whole lot of movies. 

Anyways, I believe that I have returned everyones emails and everyone should have their workouts posted on your page.  I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the great fall weather.


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