My two youngest kids need your help :)

Hey everyone,

My two youngest children who are in kindergarten this year are trying to collect a Christmas Card from all 50 states.  They do this as a class every year and this is the last year that any of my kids will get to do this.  So….I am going to ask anyone and everyone who reads this help if you are able.  If you are not able, if you could pass the word along, that would be great too.

In an effort to promote an understanding of the 50 states, and get in the holiday spirit, Jaxon and Kierra’s kindergarten class will be collecting Christmas cards once again.  If you would be willing to send the kids in Mrs Hollands kindergarten class a Christmas card, they would greatly appreciate it!  Cards be sent to the following address:

Central Cass Elementary

C/O Mrs Holland

Attn:  Jaxon and Kierra

802 N 5th Street

Casselton, ND 58012

Thank you so much in advance for being willing and able to help out.  Both of the kids are hoping to get a card from all 50 states!  Have a great day everyone!


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