Resisting the URGE!

So I have a lot of my clients mention to me quite often about how hard it is to resist snacking and eating all of those crappy foods and snacks.  I am often asked right along with that statement, “how do I fix that, how do I NOT eat the donut, or the candy or the chips or whatever your vice happens to be?”  The answer is quite simple.


But how Jim?  How do I go about not eating that ” insert crappy food item here”

It is mind over mouth!  You know you don’t need it but yet the urge is so great that you feel that until you do eat it, life is just going to suck!  That is so not true.  Most crappy foods have ZERO nutritional value.  The value they add is comfort.  Eating junk makes us feel good, temporarily and then the aftereffect makes us feel like shit!  All as we are doing to ourselves is adding extra worthless calories to our diets that do nothing for us.

As most of you know and can probably tell by the name of my website, I was and still am addicted to muffins.  I LOVE them.  Can eat them all day long!  I am talking those big ass, HUGE muffins with the crystalized sugar all over the top.  Oh yeah, now were cooking with gas.  But, I don’t really eat them anymore.  From time to time I do, but they are a TREAT for doing something good.  I just stopped eating them and I used my head to prevent me from relapsing.  Our minds are sooo strong.  The strongest part of our bodies is our minds, and once you develop the mindset that you don’t actually NEED any of that crap anymore.  Well, you simply just won’t eat it anymore.  The answer is really just that simple!


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