Frequency, Intensity, Time and Technique

I have talked about his topic in the past but I feel it is time to again talk about it again.  The header to this blog post is a commonly referred to as F.I.T.T.  and I absolutely buy into this philosophy.   A lot of people however do not and I want to make a point of how very important FITT is to everyone.  You see, a lot of people are under the impression that they need to workout for hours a day to achieve the results they are looking for.  This thinking could not be any more wrong and in fact for a lot of people, can be quite dangerous.  There are time when yes, a workout may last for hours.  Generally these workouts revolve around some sort of stepped training regimen, i.e.; marathon training, half marathon training, try-athalon training, ect…For the vast majority of the population, this type of training is not needed.  Short bursts of intense training focusing on a particular area with the proper technique is much more valuable.

Frequency – How often are you exercising?  If you are exercising every single day the vast majority of people will run themselves down and end up hurting themselves.  Rest days are important.  Let me rephrase that, rest days are IMPORTANT!!!!  That said, to many rest days are not good either.  It is all about finding the right balance.  My personal opinion is that a 5 day per week program is good for most people provided that the workouts mixed between easier and harder.

Intensity – How much effort are you putting into the workouts that you are doing?  I see so many people just going through the motions and not putting any effort into anything.  Your intensity needs to be matched up with your abilities.  Every single workout needs to be intense.  Some workouts are easier than others, great, but that doesn’t change the intensity.  If you have the ability to consistently run a 5K in say 20 minutes that is great, does that mean every time you go for a training run you need to be running your miles at 6:30 splits….absolutely not, just because you can doesn’t mean it is needed.  But if you are going out for a run a slower pace (which is fine) it can still be made intense, by that I mean you don’t want to run it that much slower than your ability, it is finding that middle ground sometimes.  Just enough to make you work, but not so much that it burns you out.  Intensity also means pushing yourself.  Believing that you CAN instead of CANNOT!

Time – How much time are you putting into your workouts?  This goes back to my earlier comment that you don’t need to workout for hours to get the feeling of accomplishment.  I guarantee that I can kick almost anyones ass in a span of less than 10 minutes!  That doesn’t mean that it needs to be done, but it is a simple truth that if you put for a boat load of intensity for short periods of time, you will attain the results you want and need.  I would rather see someone go as hard as possible for 15 minute straight than go for an hour at half speed.  Everyone can find 10 minutes a day!

Technique – What does this even mean?  This is simply doing whatever it is your doing for exercise with proper form, and knowing the points of performance.  Doing and incorrect squat will do more damage than good.  There is no substitute for proper form.  If you are unsure how to do a particular exercise, you need to learn before you execute it.

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