Not enough time?

I hear this a lot and of all the excuses, this is the one that probably irritates me the most.  It is NOT that I don’t believe everyone gets super busy from time to time, we all do.  But really, do you really expect me or anyone else for that matter to believe that you are so busy every single day that you have no time for YOU!  For your health?  For your sanity?  You have all heard me talk about the obesity rates rising in our country and the disease risk factors that come along with the weigh gain.  There is a cure however, for almost all of the problems that affect us both mentally and physically.  In fact studies have proven this beyond any reasonable doubt.

I am constantly scouring, books, newspapers, magazines, health periodicals and the internet for ways to convince people that all of our health and even our mental problems can be solved by one simply and quick intervention.  Then I found Dr. Mike Evans.  He simply validated everything that I talk about on a daily basis.  I am going to include a link to his video here, it is a little over 9 minutes long but this may be the best 9 minutes you ever spend sitting in front of your computer.

After you get done watching the video, I would love to hear what you think of this.  Can we all find 30 minutes a day to improve our health?



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