Quirky Marketing

So last night I had to go to target to get a few things. While I was there I happened to walk through the food section to get back to where I wanted to go. I noticed hanging on an end cap a bunch of iTunes gift cards. Nothing too strange about that, however that’s not the weird part. Directly above the iTunes gift cards were cans of black beans and directly below the iTunes gift cards were boxes of Captain Crunch!
My thought on this….1) I have never even thought of running to the store to get black beans, captain crunch and an iTunes gift card. 2) I don’t know of anyone else who has either and 3) maybe they were just trying to entice us to buy the beans or the cereal..hmmmm, I can see buying the black beans, but the captain crunch!!!! Your better off just shoving a couple spoonfuls of sugar in your mouth!
Ya, I got a couple of gift cards as well 🙂


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