What do you do when……

Your workouts are simply pathetic!  When you can’t seem to find the motivation….when you can’t seem to find the strength…when you can’t seem to find the energy to push forward for even one more step or one more push-up or one more jumping jack!  What do you do?

We ALL have days when nothing seems to go right.  We all have days when we wish we could just hit the reset button and start all over again.  Unfortunately there is no reset button and we have to deal with the hand that is played to us.  My running lately has been like this.  No form, no rhythm, breathing is off, everything “hurts”…

I had a decent run this past Saturday and then the other night I went out and did 9 so so miles and this morning I ended up doing 5.  None of the runs were great, not like I am used to anyways, but I know I need to just keep at it.  I know that one of these days, the magic will return.

We all need to keep doing this.  There are going to be days when nothing works however that is not an excuse to not do what you need to do.  When things aren’t working well, it no longer is a physical issue, it now becomes a mental issue.  Our minds are so much stronger than our bodies and we need to tell ourselves that we can and we will.  No one can stop me.  Even when it hurts and you feel like you can’t go one more step, we need to push that much harder and finish what we started.  Just know that not everyday will be great but you can still get something out of even the not so great days.


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