Getting back on track

So Christmas has come and gone, however, if your house is anything like mine, there are still lots and lots of goodies just laying around.  How are we supposed to get through all of this and stay healthy.  Well, here is what I do.  Ignore, Ignore, Ignore!!!!!  It is so incredibly tough to do, but it can be done.  I have given in a few times, a cookie here a cookie there and YES I will admit that I actually ate a MUFFIN yesterday…2 in fact!  CRAZY good!  Tanya made these apple muffins that were beyond good!  I couldn’t resist, no matter how hard I tried.  I didn’t feel guilty though, because I knew I ate well throughout the day, got my fruits in, got my whole grains and drank a ton of water.  When it comes to getting back on track we all need to think about the big picture.  Is it really worth eating a plate of cookies?  I think about it like this.  Every cookie I eat, that is 1 extra mile of running I need to run.   For every other “goodie” depending on what it is that is another mile or TWO!  If you think about how hard you are going to have to work in addition to your regular workouts to burn off all the “junk” you will probably be more apt to not eat it.  Does it work all the time…nope, I am proof postive that it doesn’t.  Especially yesterday, but I do know that in the long run looking at the big picture, it will be worth NOT eating the junk.  Tanya and I have used our dehydrator over the past several days to dry a bunch of fruits and now they are in baggies and super easy to grab and munch on.  Lots healthier as well.  Maybe, you just need to go through the kitchen and get rid of everything that is tempting you.  It was fine for the Christmas holiday, but no so good anymore anyways 🙂  Have a great day everyone.


2 thoughts on “Getting back on track”

  1. Hi Char,
    Apples, pears and banana’s seem to be the best so far and yes after they are very small portions but it is so nice to have a little bag of dried fruits that are super sweet to kill a craving once in a while.

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