2011 Wrap Up

It always takes me a little while to sit down and think about my running and general fitness from the previous year.  I would say that is past year was a year  of change in my overall physical fitness.  After getting my Spin Certification, I ended up doing a whole lot more time on the bike than in my running shoes and I had a hard time finding a good balance.  All in all, not a bad year but I ended the year running quite a bit less than normal.  Here are the final numbers and some various “stats” that I like to keep.


Running Goal:  2011 Miles

Running Actual:  1571 Miles

Total # of Runs:  359

Ave Distance Per Run:  4.38 Miles

Ave Distance Per Day:  4.30 Miles

Total Time:  223 Hours, 7 Minutes and 40 seconds

Overall Pace:  8:32 per mile


Biking Goal:  1500 Miles

Biking Actual:  1820

Total # of Rides:  127

Ave Distance Per Ride:  14.33 Miles

Average Distance Per Day:  4.99 Miles

Total Time:  88 hours, 45 Minutes and 54 Seconds

Overall Pace:  20.50 Miles Per Hour


Those were my two main focus areas however I did track 3 other areas as well this year.

Push-ups Goal:  18,250

Push-ups Actual:  14,975

Ave Per Day:  41.02


Ab Roller Goal:  3,650

Ab Roller Actual:  1,826

Ave Per Day:  5.00


Rowing Goal:  36,500 Meters

Rowing Actual:  13,109 Meters

Ave Per Day:  35.92 😦


Marathons Completed:  6

Calloway Gardens Marathon (Georgia) – 3:47:01

New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon (Louisiana) – 3:25:49 **Current PR**

Snickers Energy Bar Marathon (Georgia) – 3:36:18

Scheels Fargo Marathon (North Dakota) – 3:53:17

Air Force Marathon (Ohio) – 3:46:53

Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon (Georgia) – 4:14:19 **Pace Leader**


Half Marathons Completed:  5

First Light Half Marathon (Alabama) – 1:34:14  **2nd place Age Group**

Talladega Half Marathon (Alabama) – 1:38:35

Gulf Coast Half Marathon (Louisiana) – 1:35:51

ING Hartford Half Marathon (Connecticut) – 1:54:14  **Pacer for my brother**

Blackwater Trail Half Marathon (Florida) – 1:48:55


All in all, I am pretty Happy with the Year.  The only thing I wish I could do over again was my training from this summer.  It just didn’t work out the way I wanted.  I am have some pretty big goals for 2012…will post those next 🙂


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