The Dreary Old Treadmill

To most people, the thought of getting on a treadmill and running for even 15 or 20 is one that provokes a serious bout of muscle spasms and twitches.  The nightmare of endlessly running or walking nowhere!  But it does NOT have to be that way and I am a firm believer in the benefits of treadmill running.  Before I ran my first marathon in May of 2009 I trained almost exclusively on a treadmill so I know it can be done….it just takes some thought.

First of all, you get out a workout what you put into it.  If you just get on the darned thing set the speed and just go, yup I agree, that IS boring.  So what can you do take the “boredom” out of the run.

Change things up.  Move that speed indicator around, I like to call it playing games.  I don’t think I ever have a speed dialed in for more than a minute or two before I am changing it up.  Use distance or time as an indicator and move that speed around.  Faster, slower, faster and slower.  Trust me that just changing the speed alone will keep your interest up.  Another way to take some of the boredom out is to change your incline.  Challenge yourself from time to time.

Another thing you can do is listen to some music (if your into that) or watch some TV or better yet, if you find yourself next to someone, strike up a conversation if you feel comfortable doing that.

Either way, if you go into the treadmill run with the thought that this just sucks, it probably will.  I have had more great workouts than I can count on the treadmill and I look forward to more.  If you are interested in knowing what kinds of speed games I play on the treadmill, shoot me a message and I will give you some more ideas.  I have tons of them 🙂


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