Goal Achievement

It is not everyday, that I get to witness someone actually achieve one of their goals that they set out to achieve.  Today however was one of those days!  Today I was able to witness a man achieve a goal that a few months ago, seemed quite improbable (to him).  A sub 2 hour half marathon is a feat that is hard to attain for most people and in only his 2nd race, Jeff was able to achieve this goal.

Achieving a goal is hard.  It requires hard work.  It requires dedication.  It requires motivation.  It requires a person to dive within themselves to realize that they are stronger than who or what they think they are.  It requires one to work harder than everyone else around them.  Today I was witness to what hard work and motivation will get you.  Hard work + Motivation = Success!

Today was a great day for me.  Seeing someone that I work with on a daily basis achieve a goal, is a feeling that I will just never forget.  Great job Jeff and I know that as we move forward, there will be more goals and more achievements!

Very well done!  Very well done indeed!




3 thoughts on “Goal Achievement”

  1. Congratulations to your friend! Was it the Clearwater Halfathon, by chance? I ran that one on the 22nd and it was my very first half! =)

    1. Hi Brittany,
      Great job completing your very first half!! How did you like it 🙂 No, we ran a half marathon in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Thanks for your continued reading and yes, he did an absolutely fantastic job. Lots of training went into that run for him. Great job to you as well.

  2. Thank you =) I loved it! And I met my goal of a sub-2 hour time, so I am very satisfied with myself. Congratulations to your friend and thanks for writing!

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