Do you know what you are?

I read an absolutely fantastic article the other night by author Susan Cain who wrote the book, The Power of Introverts:  A Manifest for Quiet Brilliance.  You can read the entire article HERE.

I am an introvert, I always have been and I always will be.  When I tell people this they are often very surprised by this revelation.  For a while, I was often “scared” to admit that I am an introvert simply because most people associate being introverted with being shy or a loner when this is the farthest thing from the trust.  My daily life is lived in the public eye.  I am an instructor in a classroom, I am an instructor in the gym, I stand up in front of large groups of people day in and day out.  I have given hundreds of speeches and public presentations.  I love what I do, but it is absolutely draining.  When I first discovered that I was an introvert and researched who I was, I realized how I could best live my life without going nuts.  I need that “me” time.  I need to have a certain amount of time where I can recharge.  I like to go an have fun, but it is not something that I can all the time.  I am much more comfortable one on one with someone than I am in a group.  I can do it, but then I need to be alone.

I think this is why I love running so much.  It affords me the opportunity to just be by myself.  To think or even not to think.  It really doesn’t matter.  Introverts are not fact being shy is something completely different.

So I have a question…what are you?  An extrovert or an introvert?  This is a fantastic article to read and I am going to be getting this book this weekend so that I can learn more about myself.  Learning about oneself is an amazing experience and once we know who we are, I am positive we are much more able to deal with ourselves and others in a better way.


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