January Month in Review

What a month January was 🙂  I came into the month weighing the heaviest I had in several years (I was way to eager to eat over the holidays) and I knew that I had to get back to doing what I had to do.  I came into the month weighing in at 175 lbs and this is just not a good weight for me and it showed very early in the month.  So I dedicated the month to get myself down to at least 168 or 169.  I didn’t quite achieve that goal but I did get down to 169.9 so I will take it 🙂

The month started off well enough, highly dedicated to my nutrition and I picked up the pace pretty hard on my workouts.  After an extremely disappointing marathon up in Jackson, Mississippi I decided that I really needed to refocus on my training.  So that is what I did 🙂

One of my goals this year is to run a sub 5 minute mile.  For me this seems like a very overwhelming goal.  I have a bunch of others, but I need to hit this one and stay consistent at it to be able to achieve the other goals.  I have decided to take on this goal in steps.  I dedicate every single Wednesday to interval/speed work and then I use Friday mornings after my Spin class to test myself out on the 1 mile runs.  With the exception of the 6th of January since that was the day before the marathon, I tested my mile times.

13 January – 6:23

20 January – 5:58

27 January – 5:54

I am still absolutely 100% dedicated to achieving this goal and I need to do so quickly to achieve a few of my other goals 🙂

All in all though, I would consider January a great month.  1 marathon and 1 half marathon completed.  I have had the honor of running the half with one of my clients (Jeff A) and he was able to achieve an absolutely HUGE PR at this race.  I would have to say that this race was the highlight of my month.

I am an absolutely believer in numbers and I think I track just about all of them lol.  Seriously, I do.  I find value in being able to look back and see the successes and the failures from previous months.  Here is a quick snapshot of my January 🙂

Ran 152 Miles in 21:19:14 (8:25 overall pace per mile)

Biked 134 Miles in 6:51:50

Push-ups – 2,377

Lots of other’s but there are so many that I would get bored typing them all 🙂

My calorie goal for the month was 72,230

I consumed 88,587 calories

I was lucky enough to burn 27,467 exercise calories

Ended up with a net calorie consumption of 61,120 which ended up being 11,120 calories below the goal which was good because I needed to drop a few pounds.  Weighed in on the 1st of January at 175 lbs even and ended the month at 169.9

All in all I am pretty happy with the month.

Looking forward now to February…I have one race this month on the 12th.  The 26.2 with Donna in Jacksonville, Florida.  This is a race that I have longed to run in for quite some time and I am finally getting the opportunity to run in it.  This run supports Breast Cancer Research.  I am super excited and hopefully I can bring home a relatively decent time.  I have begun my “taper” for the race and am going to gradually bring the miles down to keep the legs fresh.



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