Ready to drive!

So one of the problems that a lot of people face (myself included) is how to eat properly when traveling.  I have been thinking about this over the past few days as I continue to prepare for my drive home to North Dakota.  24 hours in a car by yourself tend to make someone want to eat lol.  So I started thinking about what I used to do when I started my journey over 4 years ago and what I did back then.

The first thing I need to make sure of is that I have available healthy snacks along the way.  I cannot count on restaurants all the time.  So last night I went out and bought a bag of apples, a couple bags of carrots a whole bunch of water and a few other odds and ends.  Things that I know are healthy and will keep me satisfied.  But certainly we all need to eat more than that.  When we are on the road unfortunately we are forced to eat out.  We can make a few choices here though when we do.  There is always the convenience of fast food.  With the very random exception of Chipotle (which is technically fast food but not super unhealthy) I avoid all fast food like the plague.  Knowledge is power when it comes to traveling and knowing what restaurants serve the healthiest foods is an advantage.  Almost every restaurant now offers a lower calorie menu option so that is more than likely the option I am going to take.  We also have to remember that especially on longer trips our opportunities to workout are not as frequent.  I am going to be spending 2 nights in hotels over the upcoming trip so I know that I will have access to a treadmill and what not but all that sitting in a car all day, it is not conducive to great workouts.

Traveling is all about balance and knowing that since you are going to be sitting in car or plane all day, we need to make certain that we do everything we can NOT to dive into the realm of overeating.  Nothing will make you feel worse.  I am looking forward to the drive home and leaving Pensacola behind but I am going to do so with a plan and that is all that I ask of anyone.  Have a plan for what you are going to do so that way when you are out there traveling you don’t find yourself scarfing down a Big Mac because that is all you have available.  Often times as well our phones and GPS units can tell us what is upcoming for food.  Plan accordingly and your chances of failure are diminished.

24 hours in the car…Yikes!  Thank goodness for Sirius/XM radio 🙂


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