Last night was a first!

So Tanya and I decided to bring the kids down to the local gym last night and do a quick workout.  Kids were being kids, nothing new there but what happened during the workout…well we all lucky to have knees intact.  Almost all of the treadmills were full when we got there so Tanya went on the bike for a bit and I decided to use the one free treadmill and start doing a quick warm up before my 1 mile speed test (the one I normally do on Friday mornings)…I ran a quick half mile warm up and then the lady next to me was getting off the treadmill so I went and told Tanya that a tread was opening up.  Now this is where the fun begins.  We both get on there and I am getting myself all psyched up for my 1 mile speed work run.  Tanya is already running and I am still visualizing here 🙂  A couple minutes later I get the treadmill all set and plug in my initial speed setting and hit enter and off I go 🙂  Everything was working just fine until 3 minutes and 7 seconds into my run when all of sudden the treadmill stops dead!  I have to say that when your running at a 5:40 per mile pace having the treadmill stop cold is not a whole lot of fun.  I look over at Tanya and sure enough her treadmill is shut down and the 4th one over is stopped as well.  There was one still going and the lady on it was all pleasant as could be letting us all know that this happens from time to time.  WHAT!!!!  From time to time?  You mean this is an event that has happened before?  I gotta say that events like this are sure fire ways to tear up a knee, or a hamstring or some other vital body part that I am confident is needed to run.

So now I am visibly frustrated and I go tell the front desk and both the girls behind the counter just stare at me like I just told them I lost their puppy!  I guess they fixed it but I was not all that enthused about getting back on the damn thing and starting my run again.  We decided to go back there this morning and start all over again in the hopes that nothing would happen this time.  Thankfully it did not but make no mistake about it, all I was thinking about during my 1 mile speed run this morning was 1) Damn this hurts and 2) I sure hope this treadmill doesn’t stop again because of it does I am for sure going right over the top of the darned thing.  Makes me realize how much I truly enjoy running outside.

2 thoughts on “Last night was a first!”

  1. That’s a bummer! I’m really glad I invested in a treadmill at home. I’ve had it since 2003- It’s a Pro-form I got from Sears.. It has really paid for itself!

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