Comfort Foods

Lately I have been asked quite a bit about what types of comfort foods are the best for us to eat.  I have done some thinking and some reading and here is a short list of foods that I believe provide that needed comfort without the addition of excess calories…..First, what is a comfort food.  These are two completely separate words that we have all put together to form one.  Comfort is a condition or a feeling of pleasure.  Contentment.  Food is a substance that gives us energy and provides nourishment.  When we put these words together our minds just automatically go to pizza, ice cream, smoothies (not the healthy kind either) or candy and cake.  Here are some “comfort foods” that you can feel comfortable eating without much guilt.

1.  Yogurt..even the frozen kind is not all that bad for you.

2.  Fruit Smoothie…non-fat milk, fresh or frozen fruits and some yogurt and you have a nice little treat.

3.  Oatmeal….eat this for breakfast everyday and you will be amazed at what your body no longer craves.  Go ahead and add fresh fruit, honey or peanut butter to it and that just makes it that much healthier.

4.  Fresh Fruit in General.  Apples, bananas, strawberries, pears, oranges, grapefruit…you get all of the sweetness with almost no guilt.

5.  Peanut Butter and Honey Wheat toast.  One slice of this and you will be thanking yourself later.


These are just some of my ideas….what other things out there can you think of that are healthy and beneficial.  Feel free to share all of your idea 🙂


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