Happy Birthday!!

One year ago today Muffins To Marathons opened the virtual doors and went into business.  Starting with just one client and the premise that what we were doing was the right thing, away we went.  Our first year has been simply fantastic.  It could only have been made possible by my absolutely fantastic team.  My clients are the greatest clients any trainer could hope for.  Dedicated, motivated and absolutely confident about what they need to do.  I consider each and every one of you an integral part of this company.  I wouldn’t be able to do what I do, without the commitment from each and every one of you.  So for that, I say thank you.

I had a lot of people tell me well over a year ago, that my concept and idea of online personal training wouldn’t work.  No one would be willing to spend their hard earned money on a trainer that they wouldn’t see, wouldn’t work with.  People want someone in their face.  I believed differently and I believed that there was a need and that not everyone wanted to have to go to a gym for a 30 to 45 minute session with a trainer.  Not everyone wanted to pay hundreds of dollars a month to a person who they only train with a few times a week at most.  Thankfully, I was right.  We have a great program here and it is only going to be getting better as we move into our second year.

How do I know I was right?  It is simple really, results speak much louder than words and results is what drives all of us.  Combined, my clients have lost 212 pounds in just our first year alone.  212 pounds!!!  We have also lost a combined 314% body fat.  We have gotten stronger, fitter and healthier in the process.

I am very much looking forward to our 2nd year in business and continuing what we started in our first year.  Thank you very much to everyone single person who has been involved in helping make this dream of mine become a reality.  I could not have done this alone and without my clients, I wouldn’t be doing this at all!  I hope that each and every one of you feels at least in some small way, a part of this company.  Thanks again!!!!


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