Pink Slime and yes we have all eaten it!!!

I don’t know if anyone has watched, listened to or read the news lately but there is a new and almost beyond crazy news story going around about this “pink slime.”  Yes it is real and yes, unless you are a vegetarian and have been for several years, we have all more than likely eaten it.  Is it harmful for us to eat?  Who knows?  You are eating a product that in it’s very essence is exposed to significantly more harmful bacteria and has to be processed, heated , sent through a centrifuge and then flash frozen to make it to the beef manufacturers.  You can google “pink slime” to read more about it.  I am going to post a link to an article I read with a news clip from Diane Sawyer at ABC News.  I guess we all have to decide for ourselves if this is what we want to eat.


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