Muscle Confusion

People that know me and know me well know that I cannot stand doing the same thing over and over again.  But Jim, your a runner, isn’t running the same thing over and over again.  Actually, no it’s not.  Just like with any other workout you do, you can change up your running to make it anything you want it to be.  Running Hills, Tempo Runs, Intervals, ect..those runs are a whole lot different than just “running.”

I am sure a lot of my clients must think I have lost my mind at times.  I personalize each and every own of my clients workouts to meet their needs.  That said, not every workout will be “easy” as some workouts I want to challenge them.  I want them to push themselves harder than maybe they ever have.  Also, week to week, every workout plan will be different.  Some weeks I will have my clients focus more on running, walking or a mixture of both.  Other weeks, maybe the running takes a backseat to some of the workout video’s that my devious little mind has come up with.  The reason is, I don’t want you body to get used to anything.  The key to successful weight loss and overall fitness is not just how long you workout, it is what you are doing while you are working out.

Muscle confusion is designed to prevent the plateau effect.  Have you been doing the same workout for weeks, months or years?  Over time, if you do the same thing over and over again, the weight loss slows down, the toning or muscle building slows down.  Our bodies adapt to what we are doing with them on daily basis.  Push-ups is a great example.  I do a LOT of push-ups but to prevent my body from adapting, I will change up my hand position, I will add more, do less, add weight (yes I will put a 25 lb or more plate or have one of my kids on my back and do them with more resistance).  This prevents my body from adapting too far.  I do the same thing with each of my clients.

In summary, I guess my goal of this post was to mainly discuss why it is so important to be doing different things.  Get outside of your comfort zone and push yourself in ways that you might not have ever done before.  Your body will appreciate it 🙂


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