Alcohol May Help the Heart

I was doing some leisure reading the NY Times online the other day when I ran across an interesting article concerning men, heart attacks and alcohol.  In a study published at the end of March in the European Heart Journal, 1,818 men who were heart attach survivors were followed for up to 20 years post initial heart attack.  The researchers had the men report every 2 years on their health and every 4 years they completed a much more in depth questionnaire.  The results of the study were quite surprising.  After taking into account various controls for smoking, body mass index, diabetes, and hypertension it was found that, compared with those that didn’t drink, those men that consumed 1 or 2 glasses of beer and winer per day or one or two shots of liquor, were 34 percent less likely to die from any cause and 42 percent less likely to die of cardiovascular disease.  One to two drink a days seems to have been the key finding.  Less than one per day and the percentage went down and more than 2 per day the entire benefit disappeared.  Moderation seems to result in the maximum benefit.  The study did not discuss the use of alcohol by women or the benefits in people who have not had a heart attack.

If you would like to read the entire article, you can do so HERE.


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