Enrollment Fee Waived for Today Only

For those that haven’t read the paper yet, there is an article in the SheSays section about HIIT training.  Muffins To Marathons was a part of this article.  We were asked to participate in this article because of a few things.  1) The HIIT training that we do here and 2) The overwhelming success of every single one of the team members that are a part of the program.

I am a huge believer in short but very intense workouts.  The results speak for themselves.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the article, you can read it HERE.

Because I like to think that I am super nice guy ( The key words here are that “I like to think”) I am going to be waiving the $25 enrollment fee that is charged to everyone who signs up.  Thats right every single person who signs up today get’s their enrollment fee waived 🙂  How cool is that!  Our prices are already super inexpensive so this is just bonus 🙂

Click HERE to sign up and lets get started!!!!


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