Happy Monday

Good morning everyone!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter Weekend.  If you are like most people, we all overate yesterday on some great holiday foods.  I know I did.  Instead of feeling guilty about it though, today we need to get ourselves back on the right track.  Remember that no matter how hard we work out, if we don’t have the right nutritional pieces in place, it will be all for not.  So how do we get back on track after a day of eating and drinking.

1.  Focus on the BIG picture.  Yesterday is history.  You can’t get it back.  Today, before you leave for work or right after you wake up.  Have a game plan.  We need to know what our nutritional plans are for today.  Write it down and stick to it.

2.  Don’t go and do anything crazy like NOT eat this morning.  This could potentially be the worst thing you can do.  Eat a normal breakfast this morning and focus on healthy snacks in between meals.  Use some of your leftovers but do so in moderation.

3.  Drink Water!  When you think you have had enough, drink a bit more 🙂

4.  Remember that one day isn’t going to hurt any of your progress.  If you go the rest of week eating like you did yesterday, now that will hurt.  Focus again on the big picture and make today count.

Nutrition is all about making the right choices and the only way we can make the right choices is to plan to make the right choices.  Put it down on paper!  Make it count.  Have a great day everyone.


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