Portion Control

As you all know I do not believe in “diets” or any type of program that limits the types of foods you should or could eat.  I believe whole heartedly in portion control.  Portion control is all about understanding how much a serving size is and how many calories a serving contains.  And this is where we all run into problems.  We look at the back of a label…let’s say a box of cereal and we see that it only has 100 calories per serving.  Wow, this is great!  The very next thing you need to do is look at the serving size.  Most cereals range in the 3/4’s cup to 1 cup range.  Try measuring out 3/4’s of a cup of cereal…not a whole lot there.  But yet, when we eat cereal we pour and “estimate” how much is actually in there.  Knowing the serving sizes of things can make or break your calorie goal for the day.  Here are a few little “tricks” to give you an idea of what a portion really is:

As you can see there is not a whole lot to a portion.  I mean really, when is the last time you had a piece of chicken the size of a deck of cards?  The reality though is that if you cannot control your portions, you will end up with an excess of calories if you eat like that all the time.  The goal that we have here at M2M is to recognize and understand nutritional eating and portion control that is balanced with effective workouts.  Together, this combination will allow you to lose weight.  Simply put, regardless of how much exercise you do, if you eat more than you should, your weight will not go down and will more than likely go up.


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