What are the Benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer

If I had a nickel for every single time I get asked this question lol….I would be able to retire immediately and never have to work another day in my life!!!  Seriously though, what are the benefits?  Just my opinion here and feel free to chime in with any comments that you see fit as well.

Accountability – This is probably by far the single greatest benefit to having a personal trainer.  When we are accountable to someone, more often than not, we do what we need to do simply because it no longer becomes a choice.  I like to equate this out to having a boss.  Why do we have a boss?  We all know why we have to have one of those and having a trainer is no different.  Left to our own devices, there are a number of people who wouldn’t get much done.  So having that accountability piece is extremely important.  As a trainer, I do hold all of my team members accountable to their workouts.  Sometimes, I am sure they don’t like seeing or hearing my name come up saying, “hey, whats up…I haven’t seen this or that or what have you been doing lately”…but the reality is, this is what my team members pay me for and if I don’t ask questions, then the accountability piece goes away.

Motivation – How quickly we can all lose motivation to do something.  I remember after running my very first marathon in 2009…for a bit I lost a little bit of motivation.  I didn’t know what else to do.  I trained my backside off and ran in an event that I never thought I would ever be able to start let alone finish.  Then a friend, who obviously knew far more than me, asked me about a week later, when I was going run my next one to beat my previous time.  Surely I could run faster!  Well that was all the motivation I needed and hence the journey continued.  We all need someone there to motivate us from time to time.  Not everyone is self motivating.  So having a trainer helps immensely with that side of the coin.

Routine – I see this every single day.  The same people doing the same things at the gym.  Nothing is more annoying!  Why?  Most often because people by nature are afraid to get out of their comfort zones and push themselves.  Others, may simply not know what else is out there or they don’t know what else to do?  And after a few months of doing this and not seeing any results, they quit and the unhealthy lifestyle reappears.  With a good trainer, that should never happen.  My job is to push you out of your comfort zone and have you doing things that you wouldn’t normally do.  Sure, sometimes the workouts can be a challenge, they are designed to be.  My focus as a trainer is getting results, and if you are doing what you need to be doing and you have someone else there making sure you are doing what you need to be doing, the results will come.

Achievement – I am focused on goals.  We all have goals…short term goals that lead up to the long term goal.  It takes a lot of baby steps to achieve the big goal.  We can’t lose 50 lbs in a week so we break this down into manageable chunks.  My job is to ensure that you are continually making progress while at the same time keeping you on the path to achieving your short term goals that will in turn lead up to the big one.

Planning – Most people do not plan their workouts.  They think on the fly!  People may have a general idea of what they want to do..”I think I am going to do some cardio today”….ok, well what is that cardio going to consist of?  More often than not, they don’t know until they get to the gym or wherever they plan on working out.  My job is to put some logic behind the madness.  I don’t want my team members to have to think about what they need to do.  I will do the thinking for them, they simply need to go and execute the workout the best they can.  Another piece to the planning puzzle is helping a potential client assess their fitness levels and not having them do to much or to little.  A lot of people hurt themselves by trying to do to much to soon.  A good trainer should prevent those incidents from occurring.  Of course injuries will still occur, but they should be limited.

In the end it comes down to making that decision about what is best for you.  Are you ready to hear about the single biggest reason some people won’t hire a personal trainer?  COST!  Money is very often the deciding factor.  And rightly so.  The average personal trainer in the USA costs anywhere from $40 to $60 per session!!!  Most sessions are 30 minutes long and if you are using a trainer at a gym, you are limited to their schedule.  If a person goes to see their trainer 1 time per week that will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $160 to $240 per month.  It is no wonder why some people choose not to hire a trainer.  If we split the difference and say on average $200 per month with 4 visits.  That amounts to $6.67 per day!!!  After figuring all of this out, I think I might need to raise my rates LOL….just kidding 🙂  But it did get me thinking…Our most expensive plan here at Muffins To Marathons is $270 for a 6 month package.  Breaking that down, my team members pay a mere $1.50 per day!!!!  Maybe I really do need to take a hard look at my rates.


One thought on “What are the Benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer”

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