Why we all “should” run!

I hear it ALL the time…I am not a runner, I am not a jogger, I don’t like it, it makes me feel awful!  Running is stupid, running will hurt you more than it helps you…you won’t be able to walk when  your 60!  You’re right, you may not be a runner or a jogger and in the really BIG picture of things, I couldn’t care less if you are or not.  Contrary to what people may think, I don’t actually “push” running on anyone.  I will encourage if asked…but I never tell someone they need to be a runner.  More than half of all my clients do very little if any running or jogging.  That said, I am a runner and I damned proud of it.  I do hear it all the time though about how bad running is for those that do it.  I generally just smile and say “you may be right” and continue on my way……You see running is one of those things that you either love or you hate!  There are very few people who fit in the middle so to speak.  I happen to love it!  I love the freedom, I love how much it hurts at times, I love how much it doesn’t hurt at times.  I love being about to go out there and run miles and be able to look back at those miles and be able to tell a story about each and every one of them.

I read a lot of studies and I do a lot research on the goods and the bads on most everything.  I was recently forwarded a study by a friend of mine who asked me to read it.  I get a lot of articles forwarded to me asking me to post them on the blog….some I do, some I don’t….I read this and I am so impressed with it, I am going to re-post it here for everyone else to read.  Finally, a study that has some teeth to it.  This study that I am going to post here was conducted over a span of 35 years (35 years!!!!!) and looked at the mortality rates between runners and non runners.  Amazingly enough the study found that regular running (the study prefers to use the word jogging, which I can’t really stand so I use running) increases the life expectancy for men by 6.2 years and for women by 5.6 years.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  However, this study also raises further questions in my mind.  I think I will need to read the entire study and all the scientific findings before I have any answers but here are the first thought questions I did have.

1.  What the increase in life expectancy be for those that cannot run due to physical limitations but choose to walk briskly instead?

2.  Is there any correlation between other types of cardiovascular activity and increased life span or is it just running?

3.  Why is running so beneficial?  What are the reasons why they saw such a huge increase in life expectancy?  If studied, would something like cycling or spinning also show an increased benefit to life expectancy?

I don’t have the “definitive” answers for these questions, however common sense tells me there would also be advantages to any type of increased cardio activity.  I am looking forward to reading all the details of this study…in the meantime, click HERE to read the article about this study.

Thanks to Lisa for forwarding this on to me 🙂


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