Losing weight the right way is the hard way!

Losing weight is not easy!  If it was, we wouldn’t have the obesity problem in this country like we currently have.  It is only going to get worse.  Just look around you.  This post is not going to discuss why we have an obesity epidemic in this country, I have talked about that before and I am sure to do so again.  Rather, I want to talk about what YOU can do stop it.  Those of you who know me, know that I tend not push words around, I simply like to get to the point.  So here is the point….if we don’t control what we eat none of us have any hope!  NONE!  I don’t care how much you exercise, if you eat shitty foods you will be unhealthy!  It is really that simple.  Oh but Jim, I am busting my ass working out!!!  Great 🙂  That is a good first step, now put down the cheeseburger and back up slowly….to your refrigerator and pull out some lean turkey or chicken slices, grab some whole wheat bread with some avocado and lettuce and enjoy your meal.

Nutrition is not complicated and when people ask me for advice on nutrition I always inform them of my common sense approach to nutrition.  When faced with two choices, say a snickers bar or an apple, you MUST choose the apple!  If you don’t, then you made the wrong choice.  It is that simple.  We need calories, we need good fats and carbohydrates, we need good proteins…we need vitamins and minerals and we all need to get grip on the differences betweens needs and wants.  Food is meant to keep us alive, keep us healthy and if a common sense approach is used, keeps us thin.  Now don’t go confusing thin with fit.  I know plenty of super thin, very unhealthy people out there.

One of things we do at Muffins To Marathons is attempt weed through all the crap and figure out what is needed and what is not needed.  What about you Jim?  Certainly you don’t eat healthy all the time!  I don’t, I will never sit here and admit that I do.  I do eat crap…in moderation from time to time.  Not everyday.

One of the single greatest tools that will help you lose weight is a food diary.  Now this doesn’t have to be all complicated and what not.  A simple piece of paper and a pen or pencil is just fine.  I used to carry a little notebook around with me and whenever I ate or drank something I wrote it down.  EVERY SINGLE THING I ATE OR DRANK!!  You want to talk about an eye opener at the end of the day when I would see what I actually ate.  I was up around 4,000 calories per day without even trying.  One standard size muffin that you buy from a store is about 25% of your daily NEEDS!!!  Is it hard to keep a food diary, some might say yes, others might say no.  I say if it is important to you, does it really matter if it is easy or hard?

I count calories because I like numbers and I like to be exact on what I am doing.  Does that mean you have to.  Absolutely not!  Write your foods down though so that you can see what you are actually eating.  How many fruits and veggies are you eating everyday?  Are you getting enough whole grains or are you still eating white bread?  Are you eating lean meats such as chicken, pork and fish?  Are you eating too many processed foods?  What about sugars and other sweets?  We need to know what we are eating.

Now, combine common sense nutrition and a great exercise program and you have a recipe for success.  Is it hard work, absolutely!!!!  It will be one of the hardest things you will ever do.  That there is no mistake.  But with hard work comes a sense of satisfaction that once you feel it, you will never want to go back the other way again.


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