Fit Test and Weigh In Data for June 29, 2012 Test Cycle

Good afternoon everyone.  Before I begin I would like to apologise for not getting this data up any sooner than today…3 days before we begin the next cycle.  I have made a little change to how I am going to post the overall stats from here on out.  Everything is still going to be broken down by time in training, however I have just simplified the data sheet.  I am going to also keep a rolling 5 week’s on the sheet.  The totals at the bottom are for the entire team as a whole.  So here we go 🙂

Weigh Lost this cycle:  27.25 pounds!! 

Body Fat Lost this cycle:  16.63%

Weigh Lost for the month of June:  59.50 pounds

Body Fat lost for the month of June:  42.22%

Our overall Fit Test numbers are up across the board as well.  Great job TEAM!!!! I am going attach the data sheet right below here if you want to see the numbers.

Fit Test Stats


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