The quick fix to weight loss!

What a shame, all that weight you thought you were going to lose by going on some “quick fix” diet fad or some pill…it all came back 😦  I guess that new pair of pants or new shirt will have to wait a little longer, or will it?  No worries, you have some incredibly adept marketers out there who will ensure that you get promised that body you have always wanted.  I have $62 BILLION that says you will.  Pills and diet plans promising to help shed pounds within days have transformed the weight-loss industry into just that.  A $62-billion-a-year business.

The crazy thing is that most of the pills out there marketed for weight loss have no been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Did you know that all dietary supplements don’t need to register with the FDA or receive any approval prior to coming to market.  Only if something goes wrong will the FDA take action.

But yet, $62 billion was spent last year on these quick fixes!  Why, because the companies that market these products know a few things about us.  First and foremost is that we want a fix that will work and work quickly.  We don’t have the time for any type of “long term” weight loss program.  I need to lose 25 pounds by Labor Day or else!!!!  And just like toy companies and food companies market to our kids, these weight loss companies market to us and hope to hit us right where it counts.  Our wallets!

Second, we don’t want to actually do any real work to get our bodies to where we want!  Exercise?!?  Are you kidding me!!!  I don’t have time for exercise.  Here, let me go and sprinkle some of these crystals on my food and let me just watch the pounds melt away.  HA! Whatever, it doesn’t work that way.

Third, it is EASY to lose weight by doing this or that and you never have to leave your kitchen table to do it.  I call bullshit on that one.  Weight loss is hard work, it is at times exhausting work.  Eating the right foods is not only hard but it can be expensive as well.

These companies have us right where they want us.  We are fat and we know that if we don’t make a change we are going to die.  Yes, all of our excess weight will kill us prematurely.  I have used this blog in the past to discuss just how fat we are as a country so I am not going to go into any details on that today, but the reality is, these companies marketing these quick fixes are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.  Selling their products to us, an unsuspecting, overweight population that is starting to realize that if we don’t make a change now, we will die much sooner than we should.

So if diet pills and diet fads are not the answer, what is.  HARD WORK!  Common sense nutrition, combined with as little as 15 to 25 minutes of hard exercise every single day will get us to where we want to be.  What is common sense nutrition?  Simply, stay away from the beer, the pizza, the candy, the cookies, the cake, the pie, the artificial foods, the frozen foods, the fried foods, ect….eat the right kinds of foods.  Fruits, vegetables, high fiber whole grains, lean meats, and legumes.  I don’t necessarily feel that everyone needs to count calories or count points, I do it, but not everyone can, should or would.  What I do believe in though is having a little bit of self control.  If you think sprinkling some crazy crystals on your french fries is going to make them any healthier, we have bigger problems facing us right now than obesity.  Just sayin!

I have a lot of people ask me all the time if the program here at M2M is hard.  You can bet your ass it is hard!  It is tough work day in and day out!  Every single person who has taken on the challenge of working with us, can tell you without question, that this is hard work.  It is supposed to be, it is designed to be and maybe that is why I won’t ever get my infomercial.  I can see the opening promo now, come on and join a program that is going to make you sweat in places you never thought you could and is going to drive you insane at times!  Ya, that is going to really want to make people get off the couch….but that is exactly what you need to do to lose weight!

I am simply tired and frustrated with the marketing that these companies do.  Simply put, if there was a miracle drug out there that would cure obesity without any negative side affects and has been studies long term, I would be all over it for everyone.  Unfortunately, that drug doesn’t yet exist and those that do exist, have such negative side affects that I wouldn’t go near any one of them!  This is all about common sense….don’t fall for the hype!


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