I’m not getting fat, it’s my clothes that are shrinking…

Interesting….I recently read an article about a study that was conducted at the University of Washington that found that even though Americans on average are getting fatter, most people will tell you that they are actually slimming down.  As quoted from the study auther Ali Mokdad, Ph.D who is an epidemiologies at the U of Washington, “We need to be in tough with how our weight is changing, otherwise a person can from from simply overweight to seriously obese in just a few years.”

Here are some of the better excuses:

“I ate out a lot this weekend.”  One weekend of shitty eating isn’t going to make you fat.  If, on the other hand this trend becomes the norm and no changes are made, well…ya now we have a problem.  Eating out doesn’t have to be a problem, there are good choices to be had out there…just not at 5 Guys Burgers.

“I’m putting on muscle.”  Really!  That is so awesome…the problem is the rest of us don’t see it.  If you are putting on muscle, it should be seen in your arms, chest, shoulders and legs…not your belly.  Just sayin’

“My clothes keep shrinking in the dryer.”  Maybe the first time or two but after that, not so much.  Nice try though 🙂

“They’re making clothes smaller.”  Actually, no they are not.  Clothes are actually getting bigger.  It is called “size inflation,” also known as vanity sizing.  Turns out this happens more for women’s clothes than men’s clothing but it is still happening.

“The scale is wrong.”  No it’s not.

These are all great excuses and are used regularly…I believe the time has come to stop making excuses and starting looking at reality.  The first thing we need to have are goals.  At Muffins To Marathons, that is what we focus on…goals.  Short and Long Term goals.  One of the biggest goals is to actually make the decision to make a change.  It is like telling someone to quit smoking…until they have the desire to quit, they won’t.  You have to want it, you have to need it.  Often times with weight loss it takes a life changing moment to affect this change.  Say, your Dr telling you that you have heart disease and if you don’t stop eating all the garbage you are eating you are going to be dead within 10 years.

Another great way to make a change is to actually start doing something.  Get off the couch, get off the computer and go walk, go run, go for a bike ride…just move.  Move your body in ways that increase your heart rate even for a short time.



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